Static Guards

Designed and maintained to compliment our vision:

“The best and most innovative client driven security service in Australia”

We provide to you, professional licensed security guards on either a full time, temporary or casual basis. A security audit and evaluation can be carried out on your premises and officers who will be providing your service will be trained in accordance with your requirements. This will take into account any of the following if applicable, your security access system, any electronic security devices, evacuation plans and procedures. You can be confident in the fact that our company policies ensure that your procedures will be adhered to and duties carried out efficiently, effectively and professionally.

Points of difference

  • Our service is specifically tailored to meet client individual requirements.
  • A security audit and evaluation can be carried out on your premises.
  • Client driven, personal, friendly and efficient service.
  • Pro-active highly visible smart uniformed officers specifically designed to deter would-be offenders.
  • Control Room duties.
  • Regular personal contact regarding quality of service, ensuring professional standards are maintained by way of structured reviews.
  • Officers available to take on additional duties as directed by the client ie actively participating in fire or evacuation drills, taking on health and safety functions, managing key access systems.
  • Reception inquiries; telephone inquiries and record keeping.
  • First aid contact.
  • Patrolling sensitive areas.
  • Gate duties (access and egress) monitoring and record keeping.
  • Emergency response and action.
  • Alert, diligent attitude toward asset protection and discreet intervention
  • Occasional phantom audit on building security integrity if requested.
  • Security lockdown at close of business and unlock prior to commencement.
  • CCTV monitoring and recording.
  • Officers able to implement heightened security procedures if directed by outside influences ie bomb threat, terrorist incident or activity. Maintain liaison with police with regard to Australian security status level.
  • Occupational health and safety policy adhered to and any concerns brought to attention of applicable person.