Company Background

World demand for security has increased enormously within the past few years and is fast becoming the most talked about subject in business circles. Both global and local incidents have dictated the necessity for increased vigilance towards security, particularly within the commercial sector. Many companies have substantially elevated the significance of security within the work place by providing a secure and safe workplace for their employees and customers by employing a security service provider.

Due to rapid growth in the demand for these security services, quality has diminished for a number of reasons. For example: inadequate staff resources, poor reward recognition structure and probably the most important contributing factor being that security services have not moved with the times and reviewed the standards of the products that it delivers.

To stand still within this industry is to effectively go backwards. This is where Consolidated Security Group are intent on taking the necessary positive steps forward regarding the lead in the provision of a high quality, professional service, capable of making a significant impact within the industry of security services provision.

In February 2004, Yellow Security Services Pty Ltd acquired the business of Consolidated Security Group and Consolidated Investigation Services. Yellow Security is a sister company to the Yellow Corporation, which is well known for its cabs and couriers. Consolidated is able to share the resources of the Yellow Corporations‟ Management and Sales Team of 9 staff, Administration 7 staff, Control Room and general 100 staff. The Corporations‟ Control Room operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week and uses up to date radio communications and satellite tracking technology.