Cash & Valuables Escorts

Designed and maintained to complement our vision:

“The best and most innovative client driven security service in Australia”

We offer a secure and convenient cash or valuable goods escort service between agreed origins and destinations, at either a pre-arranged time or at an on call basis. This facility allows the security issues when handling cash or valuable goods, to become our responsibility and eases the security concerns of our clients and their obligatory duty of care towards their employees.

Points of difference

  • Service is tailored to meet client individual requirements. Service can be regular, pre-arranged or on call. Personal, friendly and efficient service.
  • Well presented, smart uniformed officers.
  • Plain clothes officers can be provided if requested.
  • Prestige sign written vehicles.
  • Regular personal contact regarding quality of service and professional standards.
  • Service can be utilised for more valuable items that would not necessarily be transported through the normal courier service. i.e. Jewellery, sensitive or valuable documents, antiques, artwork etc.
  • Our officers are all licensed, have undergone regular Police security checks and attended the necessary training.
  • Our service relieves you and your staff of the responsibilities of security and safety issues and allows you to be confident that your valuables are in safe hands.